The Many Methods That Can Increase Your Chances of Winning


For anyone participating in a lottery, the most important question is, “How to increase the chances of winning the lottery?” Many people are expecting a response wherein they could know a secret to pick the exact numbers that would win them the jackpot. Of course, lotteries are transparent, fair, and random, and there is no chance you can predict the numbers unless you have some magical powers. However, you definitely have quite a few ways of increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot or going home with at least a worthwhile prize. Let’s take a look at all the different methods people use to win the lotteries.

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The Many Ways of Increasing Your Lottery Winning Chances

Get a Bunch of Tickets

This is the simplest and the most straightforward way of increasing your chances of winning the lottery. Ask any lottery player or visit any lottery website, the first thing you will be told is buying more tickets if you want to win the lottery. When you buy more tickets, you have more combinations of numbers. The chance that one of the combinations you have will match the jackpot number is high when you have a bunch of them. If one does not match, maybe the other one will. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, your chances of winning a secondary, third or fourth prize are higher too.

Join a Group

You can say that joining a group to participate in a lottery is just another way of buying more tickets. This type of lottery participation is called syndicate play wherein you have a bunch of other people you are playing with. All of these people in the group will pool in the money to buy lots of tickets. If you win the jackpot, it gets distributed among all players equally. The prize you receive at the end might not be as huge as the actual jackpot but it can still be life changing.

Pick Statistically Successful Numbers

You have statistics that you can use to boost your chances of winning lotteries. All the websites that provide you with the lottery results are keeping a thorough record of all the draws and the drawn numbers. On these websites, you can find statistical data that can tell you the numbers that you should pick when participating in a lottery. The numbers that have appeared over and over in the draws are called the hot numbers whereas those that have appeared very rarely are called the cold numbers. The idea is to pick the hottest numbers when you are marking your numbers on the play slip.

Choose the Right Lottery

What that means is that you should choose a lottery that gives you a lot of chances of winning. The chances of winning the jackpot are very low no matter which lottery you play. There can only be one or two or sometimes three jackpot winners. However, there are many players in the lower prize winning categories. There can be a bunch of winners in the second prize winning category and even more in the third one. You should choose a lottery that gives you lots of chances to win. Some lotteries give you up to 12 more chances to win the lottery after you have lost the chance of winning the jackpot.

Use Available Features

Some lotteries have additional features available when you are picking the numbers. These features might not be available with all the lotteries though. The additional features let you pick numbers in a different way. For example, you can pick more numbers than required to win the lottery. Once you have chosen all the numbers, you use the system to generate all the possible combinations from the picked numbers. In other cases, you can use smart number generators. These tools will help you pick only the most frequently numbers. In short, they have the statistical lottery data fed into them. They pick only the hottest numbers and create a random set of number from them.

Take Advantage of Promotions

If you are participating in a lottery through an online platform, you can take advantage of promotions as well. People who live in the country where the lottery is being conducted buy their tickets from the retailer shops. On the other hand, if you are living in Australia but looking to participate in a lottery US lottery, you will have to use the online platform. When it comes to playing the lottery online, you want to pick a website that gives you lots of promotions and bonuses as well. Any cashbacks and deposit bonuses should be welcomed with a smile. With these bonuses, you can buy more tickets and thus increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Show Persistence

This is something that’s as easy to do as it is difficult. You will understand the importance of persistence and patience while participating in lotteries after reading the stories of the winners. Many winners who became millionaires in the past after winning lotteries told media their interesting stories. They almost always have people around them to tell them that they are wasting their money on lotteries. Moreover, they have been playing the lottery for 20 and even 30 years. Participating in the lottery for that many years and not winning anything is reason enough to get disappointed and lose heart. However, these winners stick to their decisions and have a firm faith that their luck will smile one day.

Bottom Line

You will know after some research that lottery tickets are very inexpensive. You are not going to break the bank even if you participate in a lottery every week. While winning the lottery is never in any player’s hands, you definitely have many ways to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. The most used methods have been stated above. In order to become a lottery player, you have to believe in your luck. Some people have won millions on their first tries and some became millionaires when they were almost disappointed. Keep your faith strong, try the above methods, and participate in the lotteries with a mindset that you are going to win.