Alternative versions of poker to try when you fancy a change

Alternative versions of poker to try when you fancy a change

Poker is one of the most popular types of casino games you can play online. Along with slots, blackjack, and roulette, it is a game that seems to hit home with players. That is no surprise when you think of how exciting and dramatic it is to play. Poker is also popular because there are many variations to the game. Everyone knows Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi,and 5 card stud, but they are not the only types of poker in town.

That is excellent news for players around the USA because it means there is always another version of poker to play when you get bored with your usual one. Any top NJ online casino site will have at least a few poker variations to try, with the trustworthy Resorts Casino being a popular choice with players. That is also true in other US states which allow online gambling within their borders.

But which are the best poker alternatives to try?


 As well as being one of the most tasty tropical fruits, a pineapple lends its name to a form of poker. It is not as widely played as something like Texas Hold ‘em but is quite similar in terms of gameplay. That makes it a great choice if you usually play Texas Hold ‘em but fancy switching it up sometimes. The significant difference here is that players get three hole cards to start with. That makes it simpler to build a decent hand and brings a new dimension to the strategy involved.

Chinese poker

 This may not be a version of the game you have heard of before – but it is a fun and exciting alternative to try. It might take a little getting used to because it works in a slightly different way to standard poker. It is still easy to pick up for most players, as long as you know the value of basic poker hands. Able to be played with up to four players, each person is dealt 13 cards to start with and then must divide theminto three separate hands of varying strengths to score points.


 This alternative version of the game is a twist on stud poker. The unique thing about Razzis that you try to make the lowest scoring hand possible! That is a complete 360 from standard poker rules and gives a new edge to the gameplay.Once players have put their ante forward as in regular stud poker, everyone gets two cards face down, and one card is dealt face up. Easy to pick up and great fun, this is a nice change from standard types of poker.

Give a fresh twist to playing poker

 If you love playing poker, then chances are you might do it quite a bit. The only problem with this is getting fed up with the usual version you enjoy online. Trying out alternative types of this classic card game is a great idea and will help inject fresh life into your gambling. If you need a few fun alternatives to try, the above should help.


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